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Please contact your regional office for the Tribal Council Consolidated Application for Funding deadline and the Tribal Council Consolidated Work Plan deadline.


The Tribal Council Funding program provides core operational funding to tribal councils to deliver programs and services to their member First Nations and to support their capacity development.

In 2014-2015, the Tribal Council Funding program provided about $30.5 million to 78 tribal councils.
The program provides core operational funding to eligible tribal councils to enable them to develop the capacity of their member First Nations, as well as deliver programs and services as mandated by their member First Nations. By using a consistent national approach to funding tribal councils, the program strengthens transparency and accountability of the tribal council to its member First Nations and ensures that resources are directed towards the more efficient and effective delivery of programs, services and capacity development.

As part of the Tribal Council Funding Program, chiefs or other representatives from member communities serve as a board of directors and oversee the provision of capacity development or other common services to member communities.

Tribal councils are primarily accountable to their member First Nations and can exercise flexibility in managing the delivery of programs and capacity development.

For more information on the responsibilities of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, tribal councils and member First Nations, consult roles and responsibilities in the Tribal Council Funding Program Policy (Effective April 1, 2017).


A complete list of eligible tribal councils can be found in the Tribal Council Funding table.

Tribal councils are eligible if they have:

  • been clearly mandated to govern by band councils or an equivalent executive body of member First Nations
  • agreed to deliver services or capacity development to member First Nations, as designated by their member First Nations

How to Apply?

Tribal councils must apply annually using the Tribal Council Consolidated Application for Funding and the Tribal Council Consolidated Work Plan, which are available on the Proposals, Applications, Workplans web site. For a work plan to be accepted, the tribal council must plan on delivering services or developing capacity. Work plans consisting of only core administrative costs will not be accepted.

Completed applications and work plans can be submitted to your regional office.

To learn more about program requirements, consult the appropriate guide below:

For information on how to develop governance capacity in your community, please consult the Tools for Governance.

Funding Amount

Currently, the maximum funding level for each tribal council is calculated according to three factors:

  1. the number of member First Nations
  2. the total on-reserve population of member First Nations
  3. the number of ongoing major INAC programs delivered by each tribal council

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