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The application deadline is February 3rd. Applications submitted after this date will be examined with a first (1st) come first (1st) serve basis and the fund availability.

Application approval takes a minimum of two months following the application deadline. Please contact the appropriate delivery organization to inquire about the status of the application.


Young Canada Works in Both Official Languages (YCWBOL) is a short-term job program. Eligible employers may benefit from salary subsidies and access to a pool of talented youth with innovative ideas and competitive skills.

Positions last from six to 16 weeks. Students with a disability are eligible for part-time positions in Canada only.


An employer may be eligible if it is:

  • a private, public, non-profit organization, or a municipality;
  • incorporated;
  • involved in national, provincial, territorial, municipal or community activities;
  • willing to hire young people from other regions of Canada;
  • conducting activities in both official languages; and
  • stable and financially healthy.

An employer is not eligible if it is:

  • a federal department, federal agency or Crown Corporation; or
  • a provincial or territorial government department.

 Note: To enable geographic mobility within the YCWBOL program, priority will be given to employers who hire students who must travel at least 125 km from their permanent residence to their place of work.

How to Apply?

To apply, employers must:

  • obtain a copy of the Young Canada Works (YCW) Employer Guide by contacting the delivery organization to which they plan to submit an application, or the YCW Secretariat at
  • visit the YCW login page to create a new account or reactivate their profile from a previous year;
  • follow the step-by-step instructions to ensure that all of the required information is included; and
  • submit the application to the delivery organization responsible for delivering the program in their region for evaluation.

Once the delivery organization has received the application, it will be reviewed and evaluated.

Read the frequently asked questions for employers to know more about the available funding and hiring requirements.

Funding Amount

Based on individual applications

Contact Information

Department of Canadian Heritage
Young Canada Works Secretariat
15 Eddy Street
Gatineau QC K1A 0M5Email


1-800-935-5555 (toll-free)


1-800-926-9105 (toll-free)

Processing Fee





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