The COVID-19 pandemic was an unexpected, global event that drastically interrupted workplace practices, strategies, and business orientation. While the pandemic affected all of our lives and the way we work, we also saw how it affected non-profit organizations in how NPO’s secure funding and maintain their volunteer systems.

Volunteers are major contributors in any non-profit organization. It is the task of the key campaign leaders of your organization to assemble your volunteers to achieve your goals and targets. While we are slowly moving out of the pandemic world, it is still a key consideration that must not be ignored. Mobilizing volunteers at this time may seem like a daunting task, but a crucial job. Here are some tips on how to mobilize volunteers and keep them engaged:


Promotion and marketing are a huge field that many organizations often have a specific department dedicated to. No matter how big or small your NPO is, promotion of your organization is crucial to let people know who you are. In terms of mobilizing volunteers, promoting volunteer positions across online platforms like social media, Volunteer Canada, volunteer websites run by the region of your NPO, and your own website if you have one.

Understand your volunteers and their goals

To mobilize volunteers, it’s crucial to determine what they are volunteering about and what their goals are individually and as a team. Volunteers will often only participate and get together to work on a problem that they care about or feel passionately for. Figure out what motivates your volunteers, explore their interests and skills, and apply those factors to the campaign strategy. For instance, if someone signs up to volunteer and they express interest in budgeting and fundraising, but you only offer them opportunities to do phone call canvassing, they will not be interested to continue volunteering for your organization.

Communicate the benefits

Due to the pandemic, many volunteers have been conducting their work through digital methods. While this may not be ideal for many volunteers who prefer to do the work in real life or through hands-on methods, it’s important to communicate the benefits of their work. Not only does reminding your volunteers make them feel useful, but it reminds them that their work is making a real difference, no matter how big or small. It encourages them to continue working with your organization and keeps them engaged.

While there are several other strategies, we hope these few can help you in your journey with volunteer mobilization through the COVID-19 pandemic!

By: M.Birdi

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