Diversity! This is a word that has drastically risen in use and popularity over the past decade. Diversity is the practice of the inclusion of people from different walks of life in terms of social, economic, and/or ethnic background. Traits of diversity can include race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, physical ability, and much more. Diversity is a crucial aspect in all organizations, especially NPO’s (non-profit organizations).

Why is it important to prioritize diversity in your NPO? To keep up with today’s changing world, diversity should be a top priority for your NPO. Diversity allows for different points of view that arise from people’s various backgrounds. Unique walks of life allow for interesting ideas that certain individuals may not have even thought of! To boost creativity and the quality of decision-making, having a diverse team is key.

Furthermore, it’s important for non-profits to have a diverse team to ensure that systemic inequalities are recognized and attended to. In our day and age where systemic inequalities like the gender pay gap and racism are getting the attention they deserve, it’s important for NPO’s to also make sure these issues are not affecting the workplace, mission, or values. Our mission statement at GrantX is to be your premier partner by adhering to your needs and delivering excellent ethical services. We are committed to success driven by honest, transparent, and accountable interactions with you. These words pledge to maintain an equal and ethical workplace, and that includes the prioritization of diversity.

Diversity also allows for a boost in an NPO’s reputation. No one wants to be a part of or work with an organization that doesn’t care about having a diverse team or diverse objectives. People like diversity because it shows that the NPO cares about varied perspectives and non-discriminatory practices. Furthermore, this reputation can boost an NPO’s global impact in that it can successfully develop in a global market and expand its reach.

How do you leverage diversity in your NPO? First, evaluate your goals as an organization. Diversity should be one of the top priorities of your organization, and your goals should reflect that. Figure out what diversity looks like to you. This can include adding more women to your team or diversifying the ethnic or racial backgrounds on your team. Next, use traditional AND non-traditional ways of recruiting diverse individuals to your team. Reach out to connections you normally wouldn’t, look at different means of networking, and figure out what individuals would benefit the goals of your team based on their credentials and your objectives. Last, make sure diversity is fully incorporated in the values of your organization. If diversity is a crucial aim for you, ensure that there are traces of this aim in all aspects of your organization and team.

Diversity is a crucial aspect in any organization. If you’re starting up a non-profit organization, or have already established one, make sure that diversity is a top priority for the betterment of your NPO and the community you serve.

Author: M. Birdi

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